Me, Elsewhere

Sometimes, I can be found other places on the internet. Sometimes I’m not even talking about cake, or even science.


Simplified Science at Any Other Woman

The Pill


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Pregnancy and Your Body


Other Ramblings about life and things at Any Other Woman

On why I love my family

On femininity

On self esteem and earning

On falling in love across the world


Science ramblings across the world wide web

My desert island molecules



2 thoughts on “Me, Elsewhere

  1. Hi

    I DMed you on Twitter the other day – hope you got it. And now I’ve seen this. I’ve sent the lot but it was the job I thought you might find interesting….

    Hi everyone,
    This is actually the last monthly missive youll receive from me as in future theyll be coming from Fiona Lethbridge ( who is being promoted to the post of Press Officer. Many of you will have already met Fiona at one of our briefings or at Stempras press officer training day, but even if not youll soon be hearing a lot more from her. As for me, as of yesterday Ive taken over Claire Bithells role as Head of Mental Health so will still be regularly hassling many of you. All these role changes mean that were now looking for a new Press Office Assistant, in case you know of anyone who might be interested.
    We were kept busy with a number of big stories last month including the WHO Fukushima health report, alcohol pricing, meteors, coronavirus and of course the horsemeat story kept cantering on (sorry!). Many thanks to all of you, as ever, for helping us with experts for briefings and roundups, and for story tips offs. I cant emphasise enough how much of an impact you make!
    We are running four Introduction to the News Media sessions in the coming months:
    Wednesday 20 March 2013 Queens University Belfast
    Thursday 11 April 2013 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot
    Friday 26 April 2013 The University of Sheffield
    Thursday 2 May 2013 Food and Environment Research Agency, York
    The aim of these sessions is to offer a beginners guide to the media and highlight how and why scientists and journalists should engage with each other. If any of your scientists are interested in attending any of these sessions they can register on this webpage. For more information please contact our Events Officer Amy at
    Also, theres still time to register for the BA Media Fellowship scheme, which your scientists might be interested in. The closing date for applications is Monday 18 March. The scheme gives scientists the opportunity to spend a few weeks on a summer placement at a media organisation such as the BBC, Guardian or Nature.
    Finally, last week saw the announcement of the 2012 Press Awards winners, and we were a little sad not to see the work of any science, health or environment correspondents recognised. It would be great if some of these specialists were championed a bit more.
    As ever, please do get in touch if you have anything you want to discuss, and hopefully well get to work with you again very soon.
    All the very best,
    Dr Edward Sykes
    Senior Press Officer
    020 7611 8321

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