How Drugs Work: Antibiotics Part I

I’m fairly sure that most of you will have taken antibiotics at some point or another in your lives, whether for a chest infection, for toothache, for an ear or sinus infection, or for something completely different, we’re all used to the idea that we can take tablets and squish a bacterial infection out of […]

Your Body: The Why’s of Muscle Soreness

In my spare time, I like to exercise. There are a lot of good reasons for this, the buzz of endorphins, the health benefits, the joy of challenging myself and my body, and of course the serious need to balance out my inordinate fondness for cake, but I can never remember all these very good […]

Kitchen Science: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Right, I’m terribly sorry about the delay in posting this week. The snow plus a lack of home internet lead to it being impossible to get this post from my laptop to the blog in time for yesterday morning. It’s a shame because this post would have been lovely and appropriate for a cold Monday […]