The Friday Question: What causes brain freeze?

    This question actually came from my husband, but I have wondered this before myself, and been asked by others. What causes brain freeze, or ice-cream headaches? There’s just nothing worse than brain freeze, is there? Well, okay, there are many things worse, but it’s particularly upsetting as it usually comes when you’re enjoying […]

Your Body: Lactose intolerance and milk allergies

Quite a few people, including most recently my own lovely Mummylase and the ever-wonderful Aisling, have asked me to write about lactose intolerance and milk allergies, the differences between them, and how they both work. It’s actually a really interesting area, personally I absolutely did not know until recently that there were two different reasons that […]

The Friday Question: How Does Suncream Work?

Hello again, Team Science! Apologies for the extended blog break, after I got back from eating All The Pasta and Gelato in Italy, I had a busy week at work, I was lucky enough to get to spend some time attending two regional Big Bang Near Me fairs, in Crawley and London, where young people […]