The Friday Question: Fizzy Drinks

This Friday’s Friday Question comes from Gemma, and it is… “Why does shaking a carbonated drink make it fizzier?” The answer is all about physics, which is pretty awesome. If slightly unnerving to a molecular structural bioloy nerd, it’s not often I fully understand physics! The fizz in fizzy drinks comes from carbon dioxide, which is […]

How Drugs Work: Anti-depressants

This post was requested by the very lovely Bex, who is some kind of crafting Goddess. This post isn’t actually anything to do with crafting though, which is lucky because when I craft I usually tie things in knots, and glue bits of myself to other bits of myself, and it’s all a bit messy […]

Kitchen Science: Melting Cheese

I received a text from my sister a few weeks ago, asking me about cheese. I consider this a good thing, because I love cheese nearly as much as I love new science questions. I mean, who doesn’t love cheese? I’m pretty sure the answer is no-one. Anyway, the question Emma asked me was about […]

Your Body: Thyroid Hormones

Happy Friday, science fans! Don’t forget, you can now ‘like’ The Molecular Circus on Facebook, and follow new posts and science chatter over there. Today’s post was requested (quite a while ago) by both Siobhan and Matt, and it’s about how hypothyroidism works. Hypothyroidism is a condition that arises when the thyroid gland just cannot […]

How Drugs Work: Antihistamines

  Hello, my molecular massive! You may have noticed a slight absence of posts last week; my exciting new job has been taking all my brain power, all that remembering new names and learning what to do, and loving it. Regular posting will resume as I settle into a rhythm of blogging in the evenings, […]