Really Awesome Proteins: Antibodies

Almost everyone will have heard of antibodies, they’re the well-known good guys of the immune system, the knights in shining armour to the (dam)cell in distress, under attack from big bad viruses and bacteria. But not many people really understand what an antibody is or what it does, which is a shame because it is […]

Entropy Kitchen: Lemon Meringue Pie

Every week, in the ‘Entropy Kitchen” series, you get a recipe for something related to this week’s kitchen science post.  So you can enjoy how TASTY science can be. Meringue is miraculous, we’ve clearly established that. It’s also delicious. In fact my favourite dessert in the world, lemon meringue pie, involves meringue. There was no […]

Kitchen Science: Meringue Magic

Baking is chemistry. Tasty, tasty chemistry. One of the things I love most about baking (apart from eating the end results, obvs), is watching the transformation of ingredients from their starting appearances to their finished product.; the ways in which interacting with each other changes their properties, and how adding heat can completely change the […]