…and we’re back!


It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m sorry it’s been so long, team. It wasn’t you, it was me. Have a cookie and know that I still think you’re awesome. I shan’t bore you with the myriad of reasons why it’s been such a long time, except to mention one particularly relevant one: I’m currently pregnant. The reason this is relevant is that it turns out pregnancy is really really fascinating. So, for the next few months you can expect a few posts on the incredible science of growing a baby, in between some of the usual posts on the body in general, kitchen science, and all sorts of everyday molecular madness. Lots to look forward to.

This will be starting this week with a post on blood types and their particular relevance in pregnancy. Sounds interesting? You bring the cake then, and we’ll have a party.


2 thoughts on “…and we’re back!

  1. Oh my goodness!! I’d been a bit worried about your disappearance, not going to lie, but – congratulations!!!! I’m so looking forward to these posts as well 🙂

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