Welcome to the Molecular Circus


Welcome to The Molecular Circus. Whether you’re an old reader of A is for Aspirin, or a new friend wandered in out of the cold rainy internet, make yourself comfortable, help yourself to cake and prepare to explore the wonderful world of biochemistry and molecular science.

When I first started blogging, I wrote this paragraph…

“I’ve started this blog to share with people (i.e., anyone who would listen, or in this case, read) how much I love science. Partly because I think the people who have to spend real-life time with me are getting a tad bored of listening to me, but mostly because I genuinely believe that science is just incredible. It is a gift of wonder and everyone, from a shy little man called Bernard on the street to a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, should have the chance to understand it and be amazed and excited by it. Science, in many of its forms, is often viewed as either mind-meltingly dull or mind-blowingly confusing. However, it really needn’t be either of these things, although I won’t deny that in the wrong hands in can indeed be so dull that you do start to wish your brain could implode and escape out of your nose to avoid it. Hopefully though my hands will make it exciting and wonderful, and you’ll begin to truly understand what all the fuss is about. At least very least you’ll get the enjoyment of watching me spend week after week on thesaurus.com trying to find new words to express myself without causing an international shortage on the words amazing and exciting .”

DNA. A perfect example of the wonder and beauty of molecules.
Image credit: istockphoto.com/rustycloud.

I was going to write new words to launch this new blog, but to be honest, I can’t find a better way to say it than the way I said it before. Instead, I will just explain why I have relaunched, why I have a new name, and what the differences are going to be, and then we can get on with it.

A new name

The name A is for Aspirin was dreamt up by my excellent friend Sarah, after I asked for inspiration for a blog name explaining the science of pharmacology. But this blog is no longer simply about the science of how drugs work, I also want to explore the incredible science of everyday life, look at the chemistry of cooking and cosmetics and answer weird and wonderful questions about the world, and so I wanted a name that was relevant to all of those things, and captured the wonder and magic of the molecular world. This is the result (this time courtesy of my wonderful husband), I hope you like it.

So why start a new blog entirely?

For a while I’ve felt that my old blog didn’t represent what I really wanted to write about, and it was clear that the blog was never enough of a priority for me (hence the highly sporadic posting record). A lot of the writing was done when I was just starting to experiment with science writing, and I covered topics back then that I know I could explain much better now. For this reason, I wanted to restart completely, taking all the lessons I’ve learnt forward.  This means that eventually A is for Aspirin will cease to exist, and some of the topics covered there will eventually be covered again here, just re-worked and often entirely re-written. In the meantime, all the old posts have been archived here, so they’re still accessible should you want them! Basically, this new launch is just bringing the blog back to what I always wanted it to be, with a wider audience, better writing and a wider range of topics. Speaking of which…

A wider range of topics

As ever, this blog is an opportunity for anyone to try and learn a little more about molecular biology and science. I positively and actively encourage people to contact me with ideas or questions about things that they are interested in or would like explained via the media of superheroes, ninjas or cake. However, with this new blog, I will be posting regularly on certain topics, so you know what to look forward to, with extra posts dotted around if extra inspiration strikes. So, the regular topics will be:

Kitchen Science – the science of baking, caking, cooking and other kitchen activities

Entropy Kitchen – Following Kitchen Science, I’ll feature a recipe related to the post, giving you all a chance to eat yummy stuff and think about science AT THE SAME TIME

How Drugs Work – as before, understanding how everyday drugs actually work on a molecular level

Really Awesome Proteins – A carryover from my last blog, a chance to discover the intricate, beautiful and exciting world of molecules in detail. It will honestly blow your mind.

Everyday Life – exploring the science of the world around us, including all those questions you’ve never known the answer to

Your Body – taking a look at the biochemistry of how your body works. Hint: it’s freaking amazing.

Cosmetic Science – the chemistry of beauty, and how it really works

So that’s it. Regular posting will be starting on Wednesday with the first How Drugs Work post; I truly hope I will see you all there. There may well be cake.

K x


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Molecular Circus

  1. I am so excited for this! I can’t believe I missed the announcement during my internet-free couple of days….xx

  2. I just spent some number of hours reading your blog posts! I am sure your analogues are going to come in very handy when I start on second-year biochemistry this year – how could I find co-factors boring when I can imagine them as cute ever-helpful butlers?? My biochemistry teacher from last year would LOVE you, she was a big fan of the cute science analogues as well.

    I also blog about science for the exact same reasons as you, but I’ve never been able to express why I do it that well! I can’t wait to read your new posts. You are an awesome science communicator and I can see you going very far!

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