New home!

The observant die-hard readers amongst you (hi, Mum…) might have noticed that the blog has changed slightly; it looks a bit shinier, has some super-cool looking links at the top and has a new URL. This is because it is no longer a long wolf of a blog wandering the lonely highways of the World Wide Web. No, it has been welcomed into a wolf pack. It has joined the Field of Science network. Woop! 
This is super exciting for me, because it means when you’re here learning about biochemistry, drugs and cake, you can now also pop in and visit some other awesome bloggers and delve even further into the world of science, which frankly I assume everyone is desperate to do. And hopefully it means that some new people will be dropping by here as well. 
So for the new people… hello! Feel free to say hi, drop me a comment and, of course, bring cake. I’m Katie, I’m a biochemistry grad and I’m about to start my MRes in Structural Biology. My main scientific love is protein structure and function, but my particular passion in terms of writing is getting people interested in science by sharing the awesome mind-blowing biochemistry and pharmacology behind everyday life and everyday drugs. I have a quite boundless enthusiasm for the subject, you can think of my desire to get people excited about science as a very hyperactive Border Collie puppy, bouncing endearingly all over the shop, causing havoc in my mind and never shutting up.
I’m always up for writing request posts, so if you’ve ever wondered how a painkiller works, why onions make you cry, what’s going down in a hangover, or anything else at all really, let me know and I’ll give you the answer… along with a generous helping of cake. Until then, enjoy the biochemical fun!

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